Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to Give Fellatio to an Uncircumcised Penis

While circumcision as a religious rite has been around for thousands of years, the practice took hold in the United States in the late 1800s as a means of curbing sexual diseases and masturbation. By the 1970s, 80 percent of American male infants were circumcised. Today, that figure has dropped to 60 percent, but this still far exceeds the international average of 15 percent. Many American women have literally never seen an uncircumcised penis and don't know what to do with one when they encounter it, especially when it comes to oral sex. Performing fellatio on an uncircumcised penis can be a pleasurable experience for both you and your partner as long as you are gentler with your moves.

The first and most important thing to know is that the foreskin is actually the most sexually pleasurable part of a man's body, similar to how the clitoris is the most pleasurable part of a woman's body. Near the tip of the foreskin is an area called the ridged band. This area that circles the end of the penis contains almost 20,000 nerve endings designed to be sexually pleasurable. That's over half of the erogenous nerve endings in the penis.

While those additional nerves can create extra feeling, they also create extra sensitivities. When a clitoris is stimulated too early in a cunnilingus session, a woman will sometimes feel pain. In order to make your partner enjoy fellatio, you should go slowly at the beginning and warm him up with your suction. Once he is highly aroused, you can go slightly harder on your maneuvers.

Let me highlight three important things to take note of when your man’s penis is uncircumcised:

1) Because your man's penis is uncircumcised, the foreskin is extremely sensitive to any of your maneuvers. You need to be extra careful not to scrape your teeth on his penis or suck it too hard because this may cause him a lot of pain and turn him off completely.

2) When giving fellatio to an uncircumcised penis, you need to be gentler so that your man will not experience discomfort or pain. Start off with slow strokes and maintain it unless he requests you to go harder. Even if he asks you to go harder on the strokes, you should always gradually increase your pressure.

3) Once an uncircumcised penis is fully erect, the foreskin rolls back on its own. However, sometimes it can stay put, so you may need to move it away from the tip. Be sure to ask for permission first, and then carefully slip it back a little. Don’t push is past the head and don’t be forceful.

One fellatio technique that you can only do with an uncircumcised penis is circling the inside of the foreskin with your tongue. For an added sensation, flick the head of his penis with your tongue similar to the way he would flick your clitoris with his tongue. If you want to drive him crazy, try sucking and licking his penis and moving the foreskin up and down on the shaft at the same time. You can also lightly massage the head with your thumb and index finger, but don’t press too hard. Some men can’t handle too much attention being paid to their intact tip, so don’t take it personally if he wants you to back off.

Fellatio on an uncircumcised penis can be like a walk in heaven for both you and him. His pleasure will be so intense that he'll be putty in your hands, and you'll always know when he's truly aroused. Giving your man pleasure orally can be a very good experience for your relationship. When your man is pleased, he'll want to do the same for you.

All women know that men LOVE oral sex, but not all women know how to do it properly. Giving good fellatio is NOT just about opening your mouth and bobbing up and down. To find out what every woman needs to know about giving her man oral pleasure, click here.

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