Friday, May 1, 2009

5 Reasons to Swallow Your Man's Semen

To spit or to swallow? That is the question. Women are split on the issue. Some act as if semen is poison while others greedily swallow and suck their man dry. When asked, most men say they prefer that the woman swallow. Since the purpose of fellatio is to give pleasure to your man, that would seem to settle the question. However, if that's not enough to convince you, there are even more reasons to swallow your man's semen.

1) It's polite. After all it's rude to spit. Also, wouldn't you be offended if your man ran to the bathroom to gargle with mouthwash after going down on you? What sort of message does it convey to immediately run to the nearest sink to spit?

2) It's environmentally friendly. Spitting out semen wastes tissues and paper towels, destroys trees, and adds to our landfill problems. Swallowing semen is a form of environmentally-friendly recycling.

3) It's healthful. Swallowing semen may help prevent depression and lower blood pressure. Also, those concerned with nutrition and daily vitamins will be pleased to find that the average ejaculate contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B-12, and zinc. Plus, for all you dieters out there, the caloric content of semen is a measly 15 calories.

4) Your man wants you to. If a man has to worry about ejaculating, feeling that it is an imposition on you or the cause of unpleasantness, he cannot fully relax and cannot fully enjoy his climax. Also, continuing to suck through the orgasm - “sucking him dry" - leaves him both physically and emotionally satisfied. In addition, swallowing semen has deep, symbolic significance to men. Spitting out his semen is a symbolic rejection to many men. By swallowing, you indicate your complete acceptance of him.

5) God wants you to. There is nothing in the Bible that forbids engaging in acts of oral sex. In fact, according to one Bible expert, the Bible specifically encourages fellatio to completion (orgasm), though only if the female partner consumes or swallows the ejaculate. This prevents spilling seed, which is an affront to God, and also provides spiritual benefit to the woman. Performing fellatio to completion and then spitting out the resulting ejaculate should be almost unthinkable to anyone who believes in the Bible.

A woman who swallows puts her partner at ease and allows him to relax and enjoy one of the most intimate and pleasurable sex acts she can perform on him. Women who don't swallow usually blame their gag reflex or the taste of semen for their refusal. If you would like to make fellatio an even better experience for your man by swallowing his semen, check out these seven tips for overcoming the gag reflex and the taste.

All women know that men LOVE oral sex, but not all women know how to do it properly. Giving good fellatio is NOT just about opening your mouth and bobbing up and down. To find out what every woman needs to know about giving her man oral pleasure, click here.

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Order of Magdeline said...

If you prefer not to swallow your man's semen - there are lots of girls who'd rather not - then learn some other fun things to do with it.

I get a kick out of spitting his jizz in his pubic hair. I like the glisten of it at the base of his cock, and the smell is to die for.

I once took a lover's load in my mouth, then called his wife and sent her a video of the sticky stuff dripping from my lips.

Do you think she recognized it?